Level up your NFT project!

Here to upgrade your NFT project by offering merchandise, branding, and a helping hand.

  • 1. Team Merchandise

    Order customized merchandise items for your team/project members. You can even order in bulk!

  • 2. Community Merchandise

    Let us build a merchandise page for your NFT project, where community members can go to purchase your gear!

    (And you reap the rewards!)

  • 3. 3D Printed Accessories

    Custom 3D printed accessories for your NFT project such as logos, keychains, and anything you can imagine.

  • 4. Tokegating

    We offer the ability to tokengate products for our partners on their community stores. This means if they want a particular NFT holder(s) to have exclusive access to a product, we can make that happen!

How does it work?

Find out how to become a partner with 'NFT-LevelUp' and get your project upgraded

Contact us

Firstly, you should contact us, explaining your project in as much info as possible, as well as how you want to upgrade your project.

(Merch, bulk, accessories, community store, etc.)

Email: nftlevelup.info@gmail.com

Merch & Project Details

If your project is approved to be a partner with NFTLevelUp, we will reach out and work on the details/designs of the order via email or Discord.

Upgraded NFT project!

Recieve the ultimate NFT upgrade: Team merch, a community store, branded accessories, and the best support you could ask for! All with no hassle on your end!

More questions?

How does the community store work? How much does it cost?

The community store is a collection of products for your project to increase brand indentity and add another level of interaction for your commmunity members. You have complete control over the products your brand has and the designs that go on them.

There is no upfront cost to you. We will handle the design (to your standards), manufacturing, and distribution of all the products.

All you have to do is reach out with your projects desires and we'll handle the rest. All while you get to reap the rewards of the sales from your products!

What accessories can I have?

We have a variety of pre-made accessories we can customize, such as water bottles, mousepads, stickers, etc.

However, we also offer the ability to create any accessorie you can imagine using our 3D printers. For instance, if you wanted a 3D model of your NFT, we can do that!

Can I order in bulk?

Ofcourse! We offer bulk pricing for most, if not all of our products. Reach out with the details of the order (what you're looking for) and we can give you an accurate quote! Remeber to include the inteded shipping address!

How do I become a partner?

Firstly, you are going to need to send an email to our team. In the email explain your project in as much detail as possible so we can get a good idea who we are working with. After, you can explain in what ways you want to upgrade your NFT project. Whether you want merchandise or only a single accessory.

Our team will look over the information you sent and either approve or deny your partnership. Allow atleast 1-3 business days for our team to respond. If you haven't recieved a repsonse in that time, your application most likely got denied. However, you're more than welcome to try again.

You can email the team here: nftlevelup.info@gmail.com

How much creative control do I have?

All of it! As long as our printers (clothing and accessories) are capabale, we can do almost any design you can imagine!

Regarding the community store and project merchandise, your team would have full control over which products go public, as well as the designs on them.

Example Products

Upgrade your NFT project!

Past Projects

These are just some of the amazing NFT collections we have partnered with!